Unveil the Power of 4 Brave Heroes in a Hand-Drawn Couch Co-Op Journey!

Josh, the Swordsman, uses the wind element. He has great dexterity, favoring quick, decisive strikes and the ability to quickly navigate his environment. He is particularly capable in aerial combat.

Melina, the Sorceress, uses the water element. She is a slight twist on the arcanist archetype, having impressive, long-ranged projectiles and diminishing her foe’s capacities. She adds to that powerful crowd control capacities, and optional support powers.

Farquol, the Nomad, uses the earth element. He is a tough hero who is part of a mystical and tribal community. His strikes, however, tend to be slower and harder to hit, packing a larger wallop as a counterpoint.

Z.O.Z., the Multitask Robot, uses the fire element. He presents a wide range of skills, such as explosive long-distance projectiles and bombs, that sways between violent means and the smart usage of props and hazards.



The four protagonists are readily available friends that can join in to the fray. We foster cooperation and companionship between the players that chose to share this story.

Intelligent Combat

We elected to evoke a more thoughtful approach to combat, by reducing the difficulty to input commands, and demanding that the players properly assess when and where to strike in order to be successful.

Creepy and Big Bosses

We will encounter many types of foes, blocking their path with the threat of violence. Fight against bosses in epic battles and prove your skills as a great hero during the journey.


Ability Board

To structure the gaining of new skills during Campaign play, our heroes follow an Ability Board, where they can spend Shadow Orbs to gain new skills, which can be combined with other heroes to create massive combos.


Beautiful Environments

Explore Beautiful Moments and Big Environments with great parallax of multiplanes in different Provinces, like Island, Village, Forest, Beach, Swamp, Cave, Desert, Industrial and Lava to bring you all the possible moods!


Fluid Hand-Drawn Animation

Experience great 2D Traditional Animation with your hero movements. All the characters in the game were digitally hand-drawn animated to bring you a new perception of gameplay during the battles. Feels the animation on each new challenge!


Josh Journey: Darkness Totems is the first release game by Provincia Studio.
We always love classic games since childhood like Golden Axe, Chrono Trigger, Zelda and Castle Crashers.
Josh Journey is a combination of all those gaming atmospheres that we love. It’s cartoon and have epic battles; a journey of exploration and fun!



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