Heart City is an animated short film that tells the story of a young couple who fall in love with each other and by the city where they live. The narrative takes place in the 1940s, where the style of the Art Deco style prevails. The film talks about loneliness, memories of things that we leave behind and in the same time that are taken away from us. The inspiration comes from the creators' hometown of Goiania, known for its beautiful Art Deco architecture.
Retro Romance
Set in the 1940s, Heart City offers a nostalgic look at love during a time of glamour and elegance.
Art Deco World
The film showcases the vibrant and stylish world of Art Deco, bringing to life the architecture and design of the time period.
Emotional Journey
The film explores the theme of loneliness and the memories we hold onto, taking the audience on a touching and emotional journey.
Timeless Message
Despite being set in the past, Heart City speaks to universal themes of love, loss, memories and the impact that the places we live in have on our lives.
The film scenes will be output from Unreal Engine, which will allow us to bring the Art Deco city and the characters to life with a new aesthetic that is rarely seen in traditional animation techniques. The camera traveling, post-processing and the lighting of the realtime rendering inside Unreal will be a great resource for this project. We plan to explore non-photorealistic rendering techniques to create a unique and stylized look for the film, elevating the overall visual storytelling.
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