Illustrations / Drawings
Giant Noel
Summer Girls: Girls are always around you, in your mind or on your side.
Santa´s Garden: he knows his garden as palm of his hand.
Santa´s Garden (detail)
Red Umbrella
El Bigodon
Girl 01 (Ipad Drawing)
Girl 02 (Ipad Drawing)
Girl 03 (Ipad Drawing)
Losses and Gains #1 - My silence comes the loss.
Losses and Gains #2 - Personification of Fear
Losses and Gains #3 - White Bird
Losses and Gains #4
Losses and Gains #5
Biquini Girl 01
Biquini Girl 02
Bad Girl
Red Girl
Don´t Force!
Girl 02
Girl 03
Girl 04
The Line
Over There!
The Singer
Comboy Weak: Poor and weak cowboy, I don´t want to be in his skin. He took off her of his life, but not inside himself.
RIP Man: He had 5 seconds to dismiss this cold and cruel world: 5 ... 4 ... 3 ... 2 ... 1 ...!!! There is no hope for him.
The Great Anonymous  (sketch)
The Great Anonymous 
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