Inspired by games like The Legend of Zelda and Chrono Trigger, Josh Journey is a travel through fantastic worlds! Josh, an apprentice swordsman combat the Nightmare of citizens going to the Dream World fighting against monsters that perturbs the mind of good people. Together with their friends, Melina, the Sorcess, Farquol, the Axman, and Z.O.Z., the Burn Machine, they will try to restore the Amuleto, the symbol of prosperity and harmony of the three worlds: Province, Dream and Death. 
Join us on this journey to accompany these brave warriors against the evil creatures!
We are beginning our Patreon Campaing too, so you'll be able to Download Source Files of this video, like .PSD Background Arts, .TVPaint Animation and Game Files from the prototype version.
Produced by Provincia Studio (
Directed / Animation / Compositing: Iuri Araújo
Editing: Guilherme Araújo
Sound Design and Mixing: Thiago Camargo
Music Production Company: Tambor Cantante Produções
Music Creator: Dênio de Paula
Music Assistant Production: Daniel de Paula
Strings and Synthesizers: Fred Praxedes
Percussion: Marcelo Rezende
Backing Vocal: Letícia de Paula
Special Thanks: Rodrigo Oliveira and Steven Guardado
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